Procivis SSI+

The self-sovereign identity solution that puts citizens in control of their data

Explore the next generation of digital identity

Citizens want a trusted digital identity, which preserves their privacy. SSI+ paves the way for this.

Why you should get started with SSI+ now
Groundbreaking privacy protection, based on self-sovereign identity (SSI) principles and technical standards
Interoperability across borders and organizations, thanks to compliance with open standards
Secure and efficient issuance of digitally verifiable credentials via the SSI+ Desk
Trusted data sharing following “digital-by-default”and “once-only” principles
Automated customer onboarding checks, thanks to standardized identity credentials

Verifiable credentials open up a whole new ecosystem of services

Online commerce
One-click checkout for online shopping

Easy checkout and payment at online shops with previously verified identity and address information

Instant bank account opening

Instant account opening based on verifiable national identity credentials

Expedited disbursal of government benefits

Instant payout of government benefits to citizens, based on verified eligibility credentials

Efficient and secure car rentals

Fully automated car rentals based on verifiable driver’s license and permit credentials

Seamless visa applications

Automated verification of visa requirements, such as required insurance cover or financial means

And many more...

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