Security, trust and efficiency with digital identities and credentials

Discover Procivis One — a scalable, secure solution for decentralized digital identities and credentials, compliant with the technical requirements of elDAS 2.0 in the EU and the Swiss E-ID ecosystem — from Procivis, technology market leader for decentralized digital identities and a subsidiary of Orell Füssli.

Why decentralized digital identities and credentials?

Digital identities and credentials are the missing link in digitalization so that trustworthy business processes can be carried out seamlessly, digitally and securely. In the EU, the legal basis has already been created with the elDAS 2.0 regulation for digital identities and authentication; in Switzerland, the new E-ID law is currently being drafted.

The decentralized systems planned for implementation ensure scalability and robustness. Millions of credentials for millions of users can be issued securely and verified automatically. The data of issuers, verifiers and holders of digital identities and credentials are only stored by those involved in the process; there is no centralized data storage by third parties.

Procivis One is a flexible and scalable software solution for issuing, verifying and holding decentralized digital identities and credentials that meets current regulatory requirements.

Products for seamless digital processes with secure identities  

Procivis One

Procivis One is a future-proof and scalable platform for decentralized digital identities and credentials, which protects you from protocol lock-in and meets the requirements of elDAS 2.0 and the Swiss E-ID ecosystem.

Mobile Government Platform

The Mobile Government Platform enables organizations to provide different services through integrated identity management in a single user-friendly mobile app.

Who is behind Procivis?

Expertise on decentralized digital identities and credentials at Orell Füssli

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