Procivis One and the Mobile Government Platform enable seamless and comprehensive digitalization of your processes and services. Procivis One is compliant with the technical requirements of eIDAS 2.0 and the Swiss E-ID ecosystem.

How Procivis One can help you

Procivis One enables authorities and companies to carry out automated, efficient and secure processes based on digital identities and credentials in real time. They benefit from high data quality and increased IT security, while citizens and customers benefit from a positive experience. The scalable solution can be used for millions of users and credentials.

Procivis One is a modular solution that covers the entire lifecycle of digital identities and credentials: schema definition, connection to trust services, issuance, wallet storage, revocation, suspension, updating and verification.

The software fulfils the technical requirements of eIDAS 2.0 for the EU and the guidelines in Switzerland such as E-ID requirements. This also includes international standards such as ISO-18013 mDL, OpenID4VC and relevant standards from W3C and IETF, for example.

Leverage Procivis One

Issue digitally

Digitally issue identities, credentials, authorizations and qualifications for customers and users.

Trust verifications

Seamlessly integrate trustworthy verification of information into digital processes.

Store securely

Enable users to securely store and use digital credentials in a wallet.

Share easily

Users can share the digital credentials from the wallet across country and protocol borders.

Implement eIDAS 2.0

Implement eIDAS 2.0 by 2026 without worrying about technical requirements and details.

Integrate seamlessly

Choose a solution that can be seamlessly and flexibly integrated into your existing system architecture.

Scale with stability

Scale with a stable and high-performance solution for millions of users and credentials.

Future-proof your organization

Integrate a solution that can be flexibly and modularly adapted to future technical requirements.

How the Mobile Government Platform can help you

The Mobile Government Platform offers authorities the opportunity to provide their services through a user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android. These are available to citizens as "24-hour online terminals" regardless of time and place.

Authorities benefit from greater efficiency and proximity in their contact with citizens. Surveys and invitations can be sent directly, and citizens' requests for documents and confirmations can be automated.

Additional services can be added at any time thanks to the flexible architecture. The Mobile Government Platform can be customized to meet your specific requirements for an eGov solution, for example with your own design via white labeling.

Leverage the Mobile Government Platform

Verify identity

As an authority, use trustworthy online identification as the basis for digital interactions.

Sign electronically

By integrating an electronic signature, your citizens can legally sign documents and forms via smartphone.

Pay simply

By integrating a payment provider, citizens pay for services conveniently in the app, without additional invoices and debt collection.

Manage documents

Official and private documents can be sent directly to the app and stored securely — without paper.

Promote direct participation

Consult citizens and specific interest groups on policy proposals or service quality.

Inform citizenry

Send information as push notifications to citizens' mobile phones.

Map authorizations flexibly

Map your organizational structure and the authorizations for employees flexibly.

Customize your platform

Use the Mobile Government Platform exactly as you need it – with your functions, in your design.

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