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Enabling seamless digital identity solutions

Unlock the power of verifiable credentials: Procivis delivers a full software solution to issue, verify and hold verifiable credentials in any protocol, format or system, to boost your services and processes into the future.

Swiss made by one source

Procivis One is built from the ground up without compromises. This not only guarantees high quality but also provides flexibility and independence for future development. The solution enables the implementation of the e-ID, the mobile driver's license and other verifiable credentials such as badges, contracts, diplomas, confirmations, certificates, etc.

Future proofness by avoiding lock-in

We already support a wide range of formats and protocols (e.g., JWT, SD-JWT, JSON-LD, openID4VC, mDL ISO 18013) and are constantly expanding them. Thanks to the flexibility of our solution, we promise to support future standards, specifications, and regulations like the Swiss E-ID or eIDAS.

Seamless user journeys

Integrated with your digital processes

Get rid of paper-based processes in your organization, minimize manual effort, and reduce data duplicates and errors. Procivis One seamlessly integrates into your existing digital processes, eliminating the need for paperwork and manual verification. This integration ensures a smooth transition, allowing for the swift issuance, verification, and secure storage of credentials. The result: streamlined, efficient, and error-free user journeys that align seamlessly with your broader business processes, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

Efficiency gain

Automated trust-based services

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, gaining a competitive edge hinges on swift and efficient processes. By seamlessly integrating our solution into your business processes, your trust-based services can be automated, making your operations significantly faster, and more efficient. Manual verifications and paperwork will be replaced by a secure digital issuance and verification system. This not only accelerates your workflow but also reduces the risk of errors and elevates your business processes.

Instant fulfilment

Enabled by verified information

Procivis empowers you to get things done instantly, not only by automating, but also using verified, machine-processable information. Say goodbye to lengthy verification processes and manual checks to prevent fraud. With Procivis One, you can unlock new business processes that enable instant fulfilment based on data accuracy, verified information, and completeness.

« Digital credentials are the missing link in digitalization to enable trusted business processes to be conducted in a seamless and secure way. »

Dr. Luka Müller
RegTech expert and founder of several fintechs, Member of the Board of Directors, Orell Füssli AG

Our solution closes the final gap in your digitalization journey

Get to know Procivis One: a modular solution containing several white-label components adaptable to your needs for issuing, verifying, and securely holding verifiable credentials. Unlock your full potential today by harnessing the power of verifiable credentials.

Procivis modular, white-label components:

Procivis Wallet

Our wallet component allows your users to manage and store their personal verifiable credentials with ease. It's their digital identity hub.

Procivis Desk

This white-label web interface enables your organization to issue and verify credentials, ensuring trust and security.

Procivis Core

Our core component ensures seamless integration and functionality across all components and platforms from mobile apps to server based to IoT.

Protocol- & standard-agnostic

We are protocol-agnostic, continuously advancing to meet evolving standards, to prevent your organization from any technology lock-in.

Enterprise compliant

Our solution supports on-premises, self-hosted deployment at scale, while ensuring data control, continuous support, and further development.

Elevate your user experience

Procivis prioritizes your users' needs, ensuring hassle-free, seamless interactions with full integration into your existing systems and enhanced user experiences. We enable privacy, safeguarding your users' data, and offer unlinkable interactions to preserve their confidentiality. Make the shift to user-focused, privacy-centric interactions, and discover the difference it can make for your users.

What makes our solution different

Protocol and Standard flexibility.

Procivis’ modular architecture offers different protocol stacks and extends to avoid protocol lock-in – easily adapted to your specific needs and existing infrastructure.

Scale to millions.

Our solution is built to perform and scale, making it suitable for use cases with millions of users and credentials – a reliable partner for your business growth.

Deploy it anywhere.

Deploy our solution anywhere you need it – in your data center, on your preferred cloud provider, or even on IoT devices. Versatility is in our core.

Built for privacy.

Our solution ensures high privacy with decentralized data storage and minimal disclosure. Privacy by design is at the core of what we do.

All components.

Procivis provides end-to-end support for all components you need, covering use cases from issuing, to holding, to verifying – delivered by one source.

Not just for Demos.

Designed to meet the needs for productive use by authorities and companies, including support and further development. Our solution is not just for demos – it's ready for your enterprise.

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Our groundbreaking identity solution is set to redefine how businesses and governments approach identity and credential processes. We are excited to invite you to be part of our Early Access Program. Request early access and be one of the first to experience the future of digital identity.

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