For developers

We provide all the information you need to integrate decentralized digital identities and credentials into your offering and IT system via the Procivis One API — regardless of standards, formats and protocols.

How to integrate Procivis One?

Procivis One enables the integration of decentralized digital identities and credentials into business processes via a range of integration paths and implementations.

The modular solution can be easily and flexibly integrated into your infrastructure via multiple interfaces. Several exchange protocols, credential formats, revocation methods, key types, trust anchors, signatures and DID methods are supported.

The documentation describes the functions and integration options of our solution. Use the trial environment with all the necessary components to test and develop your own use cases. You can choose between a no-code environment or an API-based interaction.

Procivis One - one solution, countless possibilities

The all-in-one Procivis One solution for decentralized digital identities and credentials is made up of the Core, Desk, API, and Wallet components.

You decide whether you want to use all components or individual components to realize your use cases.

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Procivis One Core

The Procivis One Core has been developed as the centerpiece of our solution architecture, programmed in Rust for high performance. All features including Wallet, Desk and IoT integration are based on this.

With the Procivis One Core, you can use functions for issuing, managing and integrating the use of decentralized digital identities and credentials into your own software.

Whether it is an embedded wallet, a smart door lock or the verification display in your app, the Procivis One Core can be easily integrated into any development environment thanks to its modular and flexible architecture.

Read Procivis One Documentation

Procivis One Desk & API

With the Procivis One Desk, your organization has a no-code environment to handle all use cases for issuers and verifiers of decentralized digital identities and credentials.

Design and issue credentials, create verification schemas and verify multiple credentials at once with ease — all through the browser.

With our APIs, integrate all these functions directly into your processes and upstream systems.

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Procivis One Wallet

The Procivis One Wallet is a mobile smartphone app that enables secure and user-friendly requesting, managing, and sharing of digital identities and credentials.

Use the Procivis One Wallet to demonstrate, test and optimize your use cases for end users. Switch seamlessly between developer mode and end user view.

The Procivis One Wallet fulfills many interoperability requirements.
It can be provided white-label or integrated directly into an existing app via the SDK.

Experience a Procivis One demo

We are happy to show you a personalized demo of our Procivis One product, so that you can understand how it works and what you can use it for.

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We are happy to demonstrate the use, integration and further development of the Mobile Government Platform.