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Procivis mDL+

The digital driver's license solution for the future of mobility

Lay the foundation for a digital Road Administration

The mobility sector is going digital. So should your Road Administration.

Why you should get started with mDL+ today:
Secure police checks, thanks to the verified digital driver’s license.
No more queues at the Road Administration thanks to the mDL+ desk.
An open mobility ecosystem, thanks to the mDL+ gateway and its open interfaces.
Interoperable across borders thanks to the ISO 18013-5 standard.
Citizens can prove their age at clubs, bars and shops while preserving their privacy with selective disclosure.

Open up a whole new ecosystem of mobility services

The mobility sector is undergoing unprecedented changes with the rise of ride sharing and mobility-as-a-service. A digital mobility sector needs a digital driver’s license infrastructure. We at Procivis have the solution for you.

What mobility in 2030 will look like

In a decade, the mobility sector will look radically different. So should your Road Administration.

Mobility service contracts

Citizens seek seamless integration between different modes of transport through mobility service contracts.

Carbon allowances

Environmental concerns lead to carbon allowances and emissions tracking on app.

Fractional ownership

Reduced need for private mobility leads citizens to seek fractional ownership of vehicles.

P2P car sharing

Citizens share vehicles among each other with temporary transfer of ownership and liabilities.

Car to passenger data transfer

Rental vehicles will prove the existence of necessary insurances, software updates and repairs before use.

Get ready for the future with mDL+

Together we can realise your digital driver's license infrastructure. Let our experts advice you.

Get started with mDL+

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digital driver's license solution, customised to your country's needs.

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