As a provider of security documents such as Swiss banknotes, the Swiss passport and the driver's license, Orell Füssli has been a trusted partner for various Swiss authorities for decades. With its subsidiary Procivis Ltd, Orell Füssli is launching "Procivis One", a completely new, decentralized E-ID software solution which meets the high demands of companies and government institutions for digital identities. Orell Füssli is thus able to offer its technology for digital identity solutions and verifiable credentials to customers in Switzerland and worldwide. Procivis One meets all known requirements in Switzerland for the technical implementation of the future Swiss E-ID. With the launch of this software solution Orell Füssli is consistently implementing its digital strategy in the business field of digital identities and verifiable credentials.

Procivis One is a Swiss quality product

Procivis One is a pioneering and comprehensive technology for digital identities and verifiable credentials. It enables the implementation of the E-ID, the mobile driver's license and other other digital credentials such as certificates, diplomas, confirmations, licenses, etc. The Swiss quality product was developed from scratch by Procivis experts with many years of experience in the field of decentralized digital identities. The innovative and powerful solution Procivis One offers the following characteristics and features in particular:

  • Data protection: It meets the highest data protection requirements such as decentralized data storage, data economy and privacy by design.
  • Operation/control: Procivis One can be installed and operated anywhere. Control lies with the operator.
  • Enterprise ready: The new solution meets all the requirements for productive use by public authorities and companies, including support and further development.
  • Flexible: The Procivis One architecture includes various protocols, can be expanded and will meet national and international requirements (e.g. new Swiss E-ID law, updated EU eI-DAS regulation).
  • Performant: The Procivis solution is scalable for millions of users of E-IDs and other verifiable credentials.

Procivis One as a suitable technical basis for the future Swiss E-ID

The new development from Procivis fulfils not only international requirements but also all known requirements for the future Swiss E-ID, which is based on the SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) principles. These require the highest level of data protection through privacy by design, data security, data economy and decentralized data storage.

Orell Füssli considers itself with Procivis One as a provider of a secure and trustworthy technology whereas the state acts both as the issuer of the new E-ID and as the operator of the trust infrastructure. The new decentralized E-ID software solution can be used by public authorities, companies or other technology providers or can be integrated into their solutions.

Désirée Heutschi, Co-CEO of Procivis: "Verifiable credentials are the still missing link in digitalization to enable trusted business processes to be finally conducted in a seamless and secure way. Our Procivis One technology solution will make this possible for authorities and companies in the future, thereby enabling further the digitalization in Switzerland."

Andreas Freitag, Co-CEO of Procivis: "Our customers can not accept any compromises or risks. This is why we have developed from scratch without any compromises a flexible, decentralized digital identity solution based on standards. The sum of its characteristics makes Procivis One unique in the market."

Procivis Ltd is a subsidiary of Orell Füssli Ltd. Since its foundation in 2017, Procivis has played a pioneering role in e-ID and mobile eGoverment solutions as well as decentralized digital identities in Switzerland. Its solutions are successfully in production by the city of Zug and the canton of Schaffhausen to name examples.

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