Procivis eID+

The smart government solution for digital public sector services

Digitize your government counter

Unser Alltag ist zunehmend digital. Knüpfen Sie daran an und empfangen Sie ihre Bevölkerung online rund um die Uhr – mit eID+.

Five reasons to introduce eID+ today
Trusted and secure online interactions with citizens, thanks to the verified electronic identity  
Paperless business transactions, thanks to legally-binding electronic signatures
Eliminate the need to send government documents by mail or email, thanks to a secure electronic mailbox
No more sending invoices and collecting payments, thanks to an intuitive payment solution
Consult your citizens and relevant stakeholders to capture their opinions on policy proposals and service quality

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Your citizens have access at their fingertips

Today, more people access the Internet through their smartphones than through desktop computers. That's why eID+ focuses on access via mobile devices, enabling you to serve the population easily and quickly.

All eID+ features at a glance

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