We are developing an innovative and persuasive offering with the following promise:

“We enable companies and authorities to create, issue, manage & verify digital credentials and information. To use them in a convenient and secure way in digital and analog processes.” This solution is revolutionary and one of the first scalable and flexible trust solution for verifiable digital identities, credentials, and information worldwide.

Our main differentiating factors of our solution:

FLEXIBLE - Protocol and Standard flexibility.
Our modular architecture offers different protocol stacks (OpenID, mDL, AIP2, etc.).
Additional protocols, formats and methods can be easily implemented. Existing PKI infrastructure can be integrated.

END TO END - All components.
Our solution cover use cases end-to-end (issuer, holder, verifier).

SCALABLE - Scale to millions.
Our solution is scalable and can be used for use cases with millions of users and credentials.

DEPLOYABLE - Deploy it everywhere.
Our solution can be deployed everywhere.
In your datacenter, on your preferred cloud provider or use it as a SaaS. Even on IoT devices.

PRIVACY - High privacy possible.
Our solution provides full privacy with decentralized data storage, minimal disclosure and privacy by design.

ENTERPRISE READY - Not just for Demos.
The design of the solution is geared to the needs of authorities and companies from the beginning.

These key aspects make our solution stand out and address the core requirements of trust, scalability, privacy, and enterprise-level functionality. Stay tuned in the coming months for updates and detailed insights about our new product and its features.

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