Marking a key step in our Future of Mobility strategy, our mDL+ Holder app is now certified by UL Solutions to be compliant with the ISO 18013-5 standard. Procivis first launched its mDL+ prototype in early 2021. Following the publication of the ISO 18013-5 standard in September 2021, we further developed our product to ensure compliance with the standard and to make it ready for deployment in production environments.

Built in line with the ISO 18103-5 standard, the newly certified mDL+ Holder app permits citizens to store their mobile driving licenses on their smartphone and present it to verifiers upon request. The app supports selective disclosure, meaning that users are enabled to share their identity attributes on a granular and need to know basis only. Furthermore, the app supports zero-knowledge age checks, permitting users to prove that they are over 18, without having to share further identity information

In addition to the mDL+ holder app, Procivis’ mDL+ suite includes the mDL+ Reader app, and mDL+ Desk web-app for the road administration. The mDL+ Reader app is also built-in line with the ISO 18013-5 standard and permits verifiers to read mDocs presented to them. Together, they provide a complete solution for governments to launch mobile driving license projects off the shelf.

Mobile driving licenses as the trust foundations for the future of mobility

The mobility sector is undergoing a monumental shift driven by changing consumer preferences, evolving technology, and climate change. The mobility sector of the future will be characterized less by ownership and more by access to flexible mobility solutions which allow consumers to get from point A to B in the most efficient manner. In line with this, we’re seeing the emergence and growth of several mobility services ranging from peer-to-peer car sharing, fractional ownership, integrated mobility service contracts and more. All these services need a trusted mobile driving license, vehicle registration and other digitally native credentials to fulfill its true potential. The first step towards building the future of mobility starts with rolling out a mobile driving license.

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