We are very proud to have been one of the main partners and a co-organizer of the first-ever “Digital Identity unConference Europe” (DICE) in Zurich, Switzerland on June 7-9th, 2023.

It was an exciting event filled with engaging conversations about digital identity. Over 160 attendees from around the world actively participated in the discussions.

Before the two-day unConference, DICE gathered experts and newcomers for a pre-conference and explored the latest topics related to government-issued digital identities together with government representatives from the Kingdom of Bhutan, the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During the unConference, the event came alive with an open and engaging format and more than 50 spontaneous sessions took place where experts from different fields came together and discussed relevant topics to do with digital identity.

Procivis has contributed with the following presentation and unConference sessions:

Partner Presentation: “Formats, Formats, everywhere Formats – what can implementers do?” (Download PDF)

Andreas Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer Procivis

The aim of this presentation was to promote understanding of the challenges posed by different formats and protocols in the SSI space, as well as to provide implementers with actionable steps. It is important to stay protocol flexible!


unConference sessions:  

REVOCATION - the perfect revocation method did not exist, but there is hope (Download PDF)

Andreas Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer Procivis

Andreas presented a new method for revocation and compared it with others. The learning from the session was, that the revocation method depends on the use case and the requirements, mainly for privacy.

Human Experience within SSI & How can we design a wallet our parents would use?

Marco Luethi, Lead UX Design Procivis & Zoé Blanchard, Human Centered Design Coach & Facilitator BIT

Products are too technologically focus with jargon and terms. Security is important but does not need to be over present in the interface. Also, participants of the workshop wanted more stories of how verifiable credentials can change people life meaningful.


Does INDY have a future?

Giorgio Zinetti, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Procivis

The stack remains the best in class when it comes to SSI features, but some scalability and interoperability issues are slowing its adoption.


VC lifecycle, especially recovery in face of the national E-ID

Sven Stucki, Chief Software Architect Procivis & Michael Doujak, Product Manager Ergon

Explore a new, pseudonym-based approach for managing identifiers in wallets, comparing them to cloud wallets. Learn about the roles of E-ID issuerand Pseudonym Provider (PP) in VC issuance and transactions. Discover data storage, sharing, limitations, usability, and revocation mechanisms ofPseudonym VCs.


Does GDPR Need to be Part of the SSI Solution?

Katrin Schuler, Chief Product Officer Procivis 

Streamline credential handling with user consent in wallets, address challenges of non-compliant wallets, foster legal compliance, and ensure compatibility among providers. Empower users with tools to guarantee GDPR, clarify data requests, mitigate risks, and establish trust to combat fraud.


The DICE organization team is preparing a “Book of Proceedings” of all sessions and will publish it soon. We will keep you posted on this. Stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn, visit our our website or register for our newsletter.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the participants at our presentations and discussions. It was an incredible event, and we are already looking forward to the second edition of DICE in 2024

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