Less than a year after the successful launch of its digital identity solution, Procivis announces the release of the second version of eID+. Besides an even more intuitive user experience, the new version allows users to digitally sign and store official documents. It is also enabled for full blockchain integration as well as the use of AI-assisted 2-factor-authentication through the integration with Procivis’ technology partner Futurae.

The blockchain integration allows the creation of unalterable issuing dates (called timestamps), which play an important part in ensuring the validity of official documents, for example drivers licenses. Furthermore, the use of a blockchain-based revocation registry enables the decentralized storage of identity data on the identity holder’s device without jeopardizing the trustworthiness of the data. This way, the identity holder has full control over the use of his or her data while, at the same time, being able to proof the highest degree of reliability.

The integration of Futurae’s 2FA technology will make eID+ even more secure, without compromising its user-friendliness. Futurae’s solution uses AI technology to offer two-factor authentication solutions that don’t require any user interaction. Their core technology, “Zero-Touch”, uses machine learning algorithms to securely authenticate the user via ambient noise, ultrasound and signal technology, and is complemented by a variety of multi-factor authentication and transaction confirmation technologies.

The latest release marks an important milestone in Procivis’ mission to enable easy, seamless and secure interactions between citizens and their governments worldwide. In this context, Procivis is delighted to see its client, the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen, continuously expand its eGovernment services powered by eID+, most recently with the launch of its eGovernment portal. The new portal allows citizens of the Canton to digitally access and submit hundreds of official forms. eID+ users will be able to connect to the online services directly through the app, making the mobile phone the primary way of interacting with the government. The Canton of Schaffhausen is also exploring the future integration of blockchain applications for its citizens, as announced recently on the Swiss national TV’s science show Einstein.

Looking ahead, Procivis is already planning a host of additional features to be integrated into eID+. Among them the ability to issue qualified electronic signatures, payment services as well as blockchain-based credentialing of official certificates.

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