Swiss e-government specialist Procivis AG and electronic signature provider Skribble have announced a partnership to combine digital identity with legally binding electronic signatures. The collaboration will help close a crucial gap in the digitisation of public services and further strengthen trust in online transactions. Based on Procivis’ government-verified “eID+” electronic identity, citizens will be able to issue qualified electronic signatures on the Skribble platform and legally sign documents directly on the eID+ smartphone app.

The collaboration announced today includes a reciprocal integration of the two partners’ core technologies. In a first step, Skribble will allow users to log on to its platform with the help of their eID+. Users will be able to share government-attested identity attributes stored in their eID+ with Skribble, removing the need for additional in-person verification by Swisscom or another approved entity. In a second step, Skribble’s legally binding signature service will be made available in the eID+ smartphone app. This will allow users to import documents, such as rental agreements or insurance policies, into their eID+ app and sign them electronically on their mobile phone with only two clicks. The partnership with Skribble supports Procivis’ ambition to provide a complete solution for highly trusted online processes in the field of public services and e-government. The eID+ platform has already been implemented by the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen to form the basis of its electronic citizen ID.

While most transactions in everyday life, such as banking, shopping or using public services, can be done online, entering legal contracts still often requires for documents to be printed and physically signed. Skribble closes this gap and allows the end-to-end digitisation of high-trust processes by providing a “Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)”. A QES is the only type of electronic signature that is equivalent to a hand-written signature according to Swiss and EU law. Skribble has integrated their secure electronic signature into a simple and user-friendly process. To sign documents with a QES, users need to possess a legally compliant electronic identity, which is why the partnership with Procivis will unlock vast opportunities for users of Skribble and eID+ alike.

Procivis founder and CEO Daniel Gasteiger said: “The electronic signing of documents is a core function of trusted digital identities. We are thrilled to work with Skribble to bring qualified electronic signatures to our Procivis eID+ ecosystem and allow citizens to enter legally binding contracts based on their electronic identity. This is an important step to enable seamless online public services.”

Skribble co-founder and CEO Philipp Dick said: “E-IDs are the missing link for bringing the qualified electronic signature to mass adoption. The cooperation with Procivis closes this gap for all eID+ users. Media discontinuities in business processes that require a high degree of trust are increasingly being eliminated.”

The two partners expect the integration of their solutions to be implemented and available to customers by the middle of 2019.

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About Procivis

Procivis is a Swiss venture founded in autumn 2016 by blockchain entrepreneur Daniel Gasteiger. The company offers a secure electronic identity platform, called eID+, to enable trusted e-government services for digital societies. The eID+-based electronic citizen ID for the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen was successfully launched in June 2018.

About Skribble

Skribble was founded in March 2018 with the goal of building trust in digital business relationships. The Swiss start-up makes it possible to sign electronic documents easily and fast in a legally binding way. The basis is the “qualified electronic signature” (QES) – the only e-signature, which is equivalent to a hand-written signature according to Swiss and EU law. The Skribble platform was successfully launched in March 2019. The Canton of Fribourg is one of the first customers.

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Media contact Skribble

Kira Leuthold

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+41 44 505 16 46

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