A year since we started the development of our self-sovereign identity solution, we are pleased to announce the launch of SSI+ v1. Since we first demonstrated our solution as part of a mandate for the government on Luxembourg in December last year, we have come a long way adding vital features and pilot clients across industries. With SSI+ v1 we today have a feature complete sandbox – composed of the SSI+ Wallet, Desk and Bridge - ready for use by holders, issuers, and verifiers to familiarize themselves with the creation of a self-sovereign identity ecosystem.

On the App side, most notably we have enabled support for multiple onboarding methods corresponding to different Levels of Assurance. The wallet further includes credential management capabilities and interoperability with other Hyperledger Aries wallets. Recognising that digital credentials are merely an access key to services, the wallet also includes a “services” feature which links to third party services users can access using their credentials or alternatively request other credentials. In keeping with our long-standing focus on universal usability, we are also developing our wallet to comply with key accessibility requirements right from the outset.

The SSI+ Desk is now a full-fledged institutional agent permitting organizations – private and public sector – to issue, revoke and verify credentials. On the issuer side, the desk features an easy-to-use credential schema builder which permits issuers to design and create credential schemas. For verifiers, the desk enables the creation of proof schemas which permit verifiers to request zero-knowledge proofs and other complex proofs requiring combinations of multiple credentials. The SSI+ Bridge provides APIs which enable existing applications to establish connections, issue credentials to and request proofs from other Aries agents. Finally, the desk and wallet also support multiple Indy networks including Indicio, Sovrin and IDUnion, contributing towards broad interoperability in the Indy universe.

Car rental demo with SSI+ v1

Alongside the development of our core product, we have also been working on bringing mDL capabilities to our SSI+ wallet. Earlier this year, combining our unique expertise with the ISO 18013-5 and SSI standards, we published a proposal for reconciling ISO compliant mDLs with the privacy protections offered by Hyperledger Indy. Building on this, Procivis was invited to participate in consortia bidding for the European Commission’s Large-Scale pilots and the call for an open-source reference wallet. In parallel, we have launched pilot projects in Switzerland leveraging the power of verifiable credentials to construct an SSI ecosystem. The SSI+ solution is today in use across the transport, education, mobility, and insurance sectors.

The end user perspective: Expanding the narrative beyond wallets, standards and credential formats

Operating in the world of digital identity, it is often easy to get lost in the world of credential types, standards and cryptography.  With the launch of SSI+ v1, we take a step back once again to reflect upon our vision - enabling digital societies characterized by trust, privacy, and convenience for citizens. Digital wallets will enable citizens to access services with a level of ease never seen before. From one click eCommerce checkouts, to instant bank account opening, and seamless visa applications, citizen interactions with the public and private sector are set to be transformed. We are further encouraged to see the strong emphasis on self-sovereign principles on the policy level both in European and Switzerland which will ensure not just convenience but privacy and security in the digital realm. While developments on the technology and policy front are headed in the right direction, a lot of work remains to be done to turn this vision into a reality. We invite you to join us in building this future together!

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